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The Emperor Wears No Clothes

02-16-2020 3:38 pm

A deep concern is haunting part of the Western elites vented as well in the main stream media: economic success is no longer within the exclusive remit of liberal societies. China`s spectacular developments in the past decades and its dominant position in spite of the autocratic political regime that originated them have prompted analysts to seriously wonder whether the Chinese political establishment can be regarded as a model of economic growth whose success might appeal to other countries. In other words, the question that got so many worried is whether we are headed towards a world where non-democratic regimes might be more readily accepted by the public for the sake of rapid China-type growth. I do not believe that to be the case and here is why. Indeed, over the past decades China`s economy skyrocketed. A World Bank document noted that four decades after the reform started in the late

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Main central banks laid down their arms

01-19-2020 3:34 pm

In a recent report, the Institute of International Finance estimates that global

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Companies without seniors will have to buy them

01-06-2020 7:53 pm

The dire demographics have us worry about how the world or the country will

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The wrong approach to cancelling special retirement plans

12-22-2019 7:53 pm

A good-quality change management requires thorough planning of change, dosage

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