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Posted on: March 2nd, 2018 by RaduC No Comments

Punished or redeemed?

03-20-2020 8:56 pm

I recently posted an unorthodox talk with the chief-economist of the Romanian National Bank, Valentin Lazea, when we agreed that the world’s economic development model was no longer sustainable. As a result, economic theories need to radically change and focus on GDP per capita growth and not just GDP growth. Neither does human civilization stand a chance to save the planet as long as the rise of population is not quickly brought to a halt and our consumption behavior does not make a U-turn. I was skeptically noting that history showed that behavior changes occurred only when economics encouraged them based on free market mechanism or intentional economic policies. Here we are, a few weeks later, and I have to admit that I had left out an extremely important behavior change trigger: a pandemic. We see now the implications of the current pandemic act with mathematical precision in the very

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Is there a new crisis around the corner?

03-15-2020 10:15 pm

This is the question on everybody’s lips with the 2008 financial crisis still

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Chief Economist: Many economists will call me mad, a traitor of my trade

03-01-2020 10:54 am

I am talking this week with Valentin Lazea, chief-economist of the National

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Main central banks laid down their arms

01-19-2020 3:34 pm

In a recent report, the Institute of International Finance estimates that global

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