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Terms and conditions

Posted on: March 2nd, 2018 by RaduC

Posts on this blog may be quoted within a 500 character limit with the source from where the information was taken and the author cited, as well as the link provided.

Full reproduction is only possible provided an agreement with the copyright holder was concluded.


This material is for information purposes only and is NOT meant as a referral of financial products or investments or a bid to contract the financial investment products or services the material makes reference to. Any references in the material to quotes or price offers in connection with a product / service are purely indicative.

Investments in financial instruments are subject to risks, such as market risks, issuer-related risks, including his financial position or operating earnings, price risks which can generate price changes in some structured financial products compared to the underlying asset, uncertainty of dividend payout, yields and/or returns, FX fluctuations.

Previous performance of financial instruments does not constitute a guarantee as to their future performance. No assurance can be given as regards the positive return on a financial portfolio or an issuer described in this report. It may be that due to various factors, projections cannot be met. The causes can be the following: unrestricted market volatility, industry volatility, corporate actions, access to complete or correct data is impossible.

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