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Pathetic Europe

Published at: 26-02-2022

Posted on: February 26th, 2022 by RaduC No Comments

How pathetic can you be to expect the USA to find you alternative gas sources after stubbornly making sure to hand yourself on a silver platter to Gazprom?

How pathetic can you be to hold dozens of high-level meetings to agree on a common position prior to the invasion of Ukraine, to declare you have reached a common position for harsh measures and then, once the invasion happens, to go back to discussing the measures to be taken and find out that, in fact, you have no consensus?

How pathetic can you be to announce that you can cope with the disruption of gas supplies, then to oppose Russia’s exclusion from SWIFT for fear of being cut from … the gas supplies?

How pathetic can you be to “punish” Russia and “deter” the war while continuing to finance it through massive gas imports that you maintain and won’t stop?

How pathetic can you be to announce the sanctions against President Putin in advance, thus giving him time to take all precautions so that the sanctions become useless?

How pathetic can you be to denounce, to threaten, to denounce and then threaten again, only to eventually lay an “egg” this small?

How pathetic can you be to have the “generosity” of lighting up historical landmarks in Ukraine’s flag colors to show support, of sending humanitarian aid, but carefully making sure you avoid the economic costs associated with the sanctions against Russia?

How pathetic can you be to call yourself a champion of sustainability standards, the famous ESG, to take on all related costs, but fail to accept the costs associated with punishing an invader and murderer of Ukrainian lives?

How pathetic can you be to aim for geopolitical relevance worldwide (separate from NATO, right?), but when first put to a serious test, dodge the issue and undermine all your credibility?

Obviously, Romania owes a lot to the EU for its current economic development, but these days, all we owe the EU is the great shame we feel for its impotence.

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